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When You Think About Taking a Career Break to Travel

Can you relate to any of these statements?


One week trips to Europe just aren’t cutting it anymore – you’ve got a serious longing to experience the world on your own schedule

Secret Dream

You have a secret dream of being able to take a year off and travel the world – but you just don’t see how it could be possible to pull that off without seriously sabotaging your career or your savings.

Life Is Passing You By

It’s scary to think that this is what your life might look like forever – You’re worried that another 20 years will fly by and you’ll regret never having taken that time to travel the world when you were in your prime.

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As Your Career Break &Amp; Sabbatical Coach, My Job Is To:

Tina Viscelli, CPC, ELI-MP | Career Break & Sabbatical Coach

-Help you develop a life-changing travel career break plan that will satisfy what you’re looking for now and set you up for career success upon your return

-Support you in negotiating a sabbatical agreement with your employer, gracefully stepping out of your 9-5 without burning bridges, or setting up your new life as a location-independent remote worker

-Guide you in planning unforgettable experiences in new cultures around the world

-Help you to sort through the various financial considerations and logistics when planning your break

-Teach you how to use this break to catapult your career & life to new heights upon your return

The Travel Sabbatical Playbook

Signature Coaching Program

In my 6 month coaching program, The Travel Sabbatical Playbook, I’ll help you plan, finance, and finally take that career break you’ve been dreaming of for ages, without sabotaging your career or your life savings.

You will receive expert guidance and resources to create a successful career break plan – from managing your fears and emotions, to finding unique and incredible experiences around the globe, to confidently entering negotiations with your employer (where everyone can walk away feeling good about the terms of your leave).

We will work together every step of the way to achieve a life-changing, long-term travel break, where you can finally be free, have time to recharge, and see the world on your own schedule.

How It Works

Three Steps to a Life-Changing Travel Career Break

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Create Your Strategy

Using my signature methodology, we’ll create a seamless plan so you can finally take the leap to a travel career break with confidence

Break and Be Free

Together we’ll execute the plan until your dream career break is your new reality

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